Family dogs that don’t shed

Family dogs that don't shed - Boston Terrier

Dogs are wonderful companions and many people consider their dogs like being a part of the family. There are lots of different dogs and when you decide to pick a furry friend, you must ask yourself some questions: do I have enough space to have a dog? Can I afford the expenses? Do I haveRead More

How Dogs See The World?

how dogs see the world

Over the centuries there have been a lot of rumors among humans concerning how dogs see the world. Some you may have heard include that dogs only see black and white, and that dogs see the world upside down. While the latter is a ridiculous notion likely intended to fool a human into flipping theirRead More

How Cats Show Love?

How Cats Show Love

If you are not aware of the ways in which cats show love, your feline could often seem inscrutable. Cats have a tendency to behave with confidence and aloofness, and can appear to run an entire household of humans and other animals with its strong preferences and staunch habits. How cats show love can seemRead More

Why do dogs howl?

Why do dogs howl - puppie

Everyone who lives with a dog has, almost surely, heard his dog howling. Many of our best friends’ behaviours remain a mystery to us, because we don’t have the chance to ask them why on Earth they do what they do and get a proper answer. While we don’t develop a way to teach ourRead More

Why do dogs eat poop?

Why do dogs eat poop

According to some specialists, coprophagia (which means the act of eating feces) is a common behaviour between many animals. Dogs are some of them. Have you ever seen a dog eating poo? If so, have you ever wondered why that animal was doing it? In fact, there are some possible answers to this questions. AlthoughRead More

Why do cats knead?

Why do cats knead

Have you ever seen any cat kneading? First of all, we will tell you what “kneading” is: a cat is kneading when it pushes the front paws in and out against something or someone. If you often deal with cats, it is very likely that you have already seen them doing it! This is possiblyRead More

What dog is right for me?

What dog is right for me

If you decided it is time to include a dog in your life, there are some things you will probably have to consider. Dogs have many things in common with us. They have different personalities, they need medical care and daily attention and they have feelings and needs. It is important to match these principlesRead More

Big Dogs That Don’t Shed

Big dogs that dont shed - Giant Schnauzer

When you decide you want to have a dog in your life, many thoughts come to mind. Many people worry about an issue which apparently might seem less important: their pet’s fur. Why is that important? Well, some people suffer from allergies and have to be very careful about it. Some other people don’t wantRead More