Why my Cat Licks Me

Why my cat licks me

Cats are more refined in their open showcases of friendship. At the point when your cat licks you, ordinarily after a false chomp or firm get with his paws, she’s doing what her mom did amid the early weeks of her life: giving a decent cleaning that likewise talks about minding and having a place.Read More

How to Train a Cat to do Tricks

How to Train a Cat to do Tricks

With the arrival of the age of the internet, humans have caught on to the amazing tricks that cats are able to perform under human command. Few people may have attended a circus featuring tightrope-walking cats, but now everyone can experience it with just a few clicks. Training a cat to do tricks has beenRead More

Training Your Cat to Sit

Training Your Cat to Sit

Many people think that only dogs can be trained, but this is not the truth. In fact, you can also teach your cat to have some behaviours. Some things are important when we think about training cats. You must reward your cat, respect his time to learn and be patient. You must also understand yourRead More

Why Cats Bite

why cats bite

Hissing, spitting, and flattened ears tell you that a cat may bite. But a bite can also happen during a seemingly innocuous cuddle session- you may get nibbled on. As the intensity is varied, so are the reasons behind why cats bite. Why Cats Bite Love bites that occur during affection are a rather disputedRead More

Why do Cats Bite Their Owners?

Why do Cats Bite Their Owners

Cats are probably the animals in which we find personality differences more easily. You may have ten cats and every single one of them is completely different from the others. In spite of this, many owners have already been attacked by their cat. Have you wondered why do your cat attack you? And how canRead More

How to Treat a Cat Bite?

How to Treat a Cat Bite

Everyone who lives with animals knows that sometimes a cat or dog bite can happen. It is important to be informed and to know what you should do when these situations occur. If you or the person who was bitten are a healthy person, it is probable that you won’t get complications from it. Nevertheless,Read More

How Cats See Humans?

How Cats See Humans

There is a general curiosity about how do animals see us, since the only way they have to communicate with us is through their behaviour. The love story between people and cats is old and cats are now one of the most common pet around the world, besides dogs. We are sure that your loveRead More