How Cats Show Love?

How Cats Show Love

If you are not aware of the ways in which cats show love, your feline could often seem inscrutable. Cats have a tendency to behave with confidence and aloofness, and can appear to run an entire household of humans and other animals with its strong preferences and staunch habits. How cats show love can seemRead More

Why do cats knead?

Why do cats knead

Have you ever seen any cat kneading? First of all, we will tell you what “kneading” is: a cat is kneading when it pushes the front paws in and out against something or someone. If you often deal with cats, it is very likely that you have already seen them doing it! This is possiblyRead More

Why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr

Cats are magnificent creatures that are not always understood. Their level of independence leads some people to think they are not good pets or that they don’t like people. In fact, cats have unique characteristics that humans do not always comprehend.  If you have a cat or if you live near cats you have probablyRead More

How do cats mate?

How do cats mate

Female cats come “on heat” (or into season) when they begin the cycle in which they will be able to mate and get pregnant. This is a natural process, which means that it doesn’t happen exactly the same way in every animal. Female cats may to go into “heat” when they are 5 months oldRead More