How to Cure Cat Allergies

how to cure cat allergies naturally

If you love animals, it can be heartbreaking to suddenly experience an allergy to them. Cats in particular pose a serious problem for many allergy sufferers. While curing cat allergies is not entirely possible, there are many avenues for alleviation or total relief from symptoms. Cat allergies are much easier to manage if you doRead More

Cat years in human years chart

Cat years in human years chart

It is very common among people to try to convert their pet’s age in human age. Everyone grows and gets older, but, of course, the biological age may not match with our health and appearance and the same situation happens with cats. In fact, there are no trustworthy way for find out how old isRead More

What is Cat Scratch Disease?

What is Cat Scratch Disease - Kitten playing with a person's fingers.

Cat scratch disease, which can also be called cat scratch fever, is a bacterial condition that affects humans. It is caused by the Bartonella henselae bacteria that cats may have. This bacteria is very common, and like the disease name suggests, it is possible to get cat scratch fever when an infected cat scratches orRead More