How do dogs mate?

How do dogs mate

Mating is a practice that is common to every animal species. We are going to talk about how dogs mate, since there is some general curiosity about it. As specialists claim, dogs don’t become violent if they don’t mate and it’s not mandatory for their well-being to mate. They can

How do cats mate?

How do cats mate

Female cats come “on heat” (or into season) when they begin the cycle in which they will be able to mate and get pregnant. This is a natural process, which means that it doesn’t happen exactly the same way in every animal. Female cats may to go into “heat” when

What Dog Breed am I

what dog breed am i

We see so much of ourselves in our pets. They may avoid certain situations, make mistakes, or enjoy the same cushion on the couch that we do. A lot of this boils down the personality compatibility that we share with a certain dog breed. Evaluate the most overarching aspects of

How to Treat Dog Diarrhea

how to treat dog diarrhea 2

Most of us have dealt with the mess and concern that comes with caring for a sick child or pet. Like humans who visit the doctor when they just can’t get well, it’s a good idea to take your dog to the veterinarian if they are enduring prolonged suffering. However,

How to Train Your Dog to Stay

how to train your dog to stay 2

There are a number of basic commands that dogs generally master when they live in a stable home. Of these, training a dog to stay is the most important, and as such, requires more dedication and patience than other basic skills. Teaching a dog to stay put on your command

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

Years ago, when the comedy film Meet The Parents was released, many viewers were agog at the scene where Robert Deniro’s pet cat, Mr. Jinx, uses the toilet. While that may have seemed like a clever Hollywood trick to some, it is an actual skill cats can learn that pet

How Dogs Drink Water

How Dogs Drink Water

We all know that adequate water intake is essential to a dog’s health, especially since it is the only fluid they should be drinking. But recently, with high definition cameras and the rampant inquisitiveness that comes with being a modern internet user, we’ve become more interested in how dogs drink